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Quality Criteria

While BizClim accepts for scrutiny all eligible proposals, these need however to meet standards set to ensure the highest probability of projects supported meeting their objectives with the highest efficiency and efficacity in line with BizClim's mandate and objectives. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the quality of proposals:

Management qualities of the applicant

  • Capacity and commitment of the Lead Applicant to drive the project
  • Are key stakeholders clearly identified and enlisted in the project (local ownership)?

Relevance (i.e. the proposed intervention meets demonstrated and high priority needs)

  • Have problems been appropriately analysed?
    Is the project concept relevant to priority local needs?
  • Is the project concept consistent with EU policy priorities and with partner programmes
  • Is the project consistent with other relevant projects and synergies sought?

Feasibility (i.e. the project is well designed and is likely to deliver tangible and sustainable benefits to target groups)

  • Are the outputs clear and logical? Do they address clearly identified needs?
  • Do the identified assumptions/risks appear acceptable?
  • Is the intervention likely to deliver sustainable benefits?
  • Is the intervention likely to lead to follow-up activities?