Tendering instructions

BizClim establishes the shortlist of candidates on the basis of the interest expressed by the companies in participating in a tender and of the past experience of the candidates.

Moreover, minimal requirement as to the size of the candidates will have to be fulfilled. These are:

1)   Economic and financial capacity of tenderer

For legal and natural persons: the average annual turnover of the candidate for the last 2 years (2009, 2010) must have exceeded 80,000 EUR.

2)   Professional capacity of tenderer

For legal and natural persons: at least 2 staff working for the tenderer this year (2011) in fields related to this contract are permanent.

3)   Technical capacity of tenderer

For legal persons:

  1. the tenderer has undertaken past assignments funded by the EDF
  2. the tenderer has completed at least 5 regional/ international conferences in Africa with a contract value of minimum 100,000 EUR (proportion carried out by the candidate) within the last 3 years.